Over 3 lakh first year students of National University promoted to second year

Over 3 lakh first-year students of National University promoted to the second year Only the scholars who registered for the exams in 2020 are going to be promoted The National University authorities have decided to market 316,676 first-year students from the 2019-2020 school year to the second year in light of the worsening Covid-19 situation.

National University

“For now, we are only providing the power to the first-year students. But if things remain unchanged, the second-, third- and fourth-year students also will get an equivalent opportunity,” NU Controller of Examinations Badruzzaman told Dhaka Tribune on Wednesday.

“We took this decision to mitigate the loss and continue academic activities amid the pandemic,” he added.

On May 18, the NU administration postponed all written exams pending further instructions. Academic activities at the universities have remained suspended since March last year.

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Following the choice taken by the NU authorities, only the scholars who had filled out the shape to participate in the exams in 2020 are going to be allowed to attend the second-year classes.

However, the promoted students would need to sit for first-year written tests once things became normal, Badruzzaman said.

If a student is taken into account “not promoted” after participating in the exams as per the NU regulations, their promotion is going to be revoked, consistent with the conditions set by the university.

Chittagong University to carry all exams face to face

The Academic Council made the choice during a gathering on Tuesday The authorities of Chittagong University (CU) have decided to carry all examinations face to face.

The unfinished and postponed examinations of the university’s various departments are going to be scheduled first, consistent with the choice.

The decision came at a gathering of the university’s Academic Council on Tuesday.

CU Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Benu Kumar Dey confirmed the matter.

Prof SM Salamat Ullah Bhuiyan, dean of the university’s Faculty of Business Administration, said: “There are many limitations in online exams. So it’s been decided that each one sort of exam (of the university) is going to be held face to face .”

The classes, however, are going to be held online, he added.

He said all the deans, departmental chairmen, and examination controllers of all the schools would coordinate, and finalize the examination schedule soon.

No decision on reopening the dormitories of the university has been made so far.

The National University (NU) goes to market nearly 300,000 first-year students to the second year within the wake of the second wave of coronavirus.

The authorities, however, set some conditions during this regard.

The decision was taken on Wednesday because the university couldn’t take the ultimate examinations thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a handout, the university said as many as 467,835 first-year students have filled up forms to require part within the final exam in 2020.

Of them, the amount of normal students is 2 97,626 and irregular of 19,050. Some 151,159 students applied for improvement.

Some 316,676 students are going to be promoted automatically to the second year.

As many as 3, 73,876 students got admission into the NU under the 2019-20 school term.

The university said students, however, will need to attend the written examinations once the pandemic situation is going to be brought in check. If any student fails the examination, the promotion is going to be canceled.

The students who had filled up their forms to participating in exams of honors the first year got a promotion on condition. They were also granted permission to require part in online classes, consistent with the release issued by Md Foyzul Karim, director (acting) of the PR office of NU.

A total of 467,835 students filled up and submitted their forms to participate in first-year exams in 2020. Of them, the number of normal students is 297,626, and irregular students are 19,050.

Among them, 151,159 students submitted their forms for quality improvement of the exams, the discharge added.

One of the conditions for promotion is, students must participate within the first-year exams when the Covid-19 situation improves. If anyone doesn’t participate or is “not promoted” after participating in the exams, his/her current promotion is going to be canceled.


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